Innovating with AI Insights goes live this week

Rocket launch arcs over the ocean

IWAI Insights starts publishing this week – It's our new members-only publication and podcast, where I'll be sharing my most advanced AI business and industry analysis.

We'll be increasing the price of Innovating with AI Insights to $19/month – but the first 100 founding members get access for 50% off.

Coming this month:

  • Medical AI + business model opportunities
  • How and why AI is already crushing entry-level technology jobs
  • My favorite AI business models for the next six months
  • Who wins in the LLM war?
  • A special podcast episode with Emmy-winner Erich Archer on video AI tools
  • And much more

I'll be publishing and podcasting regularly in April for the big debut of Innovating with AI Insights. Start your founding membership today and lock in your 50% off deal forever.